Hong Kong Field Workers

At the triage, there is a book for patient registration and it records all the important information including name, gender, age, and the most important column - the Ebola test result.
In Ebola treatment center, most of the medical personnel are working in triage, suspected and confirmed area. As I have emergency triage experience, so it is natural that I am deployed to work in the triage.
"What is your coming mission?" My friend asked me.
"Ebola." I replied.
"What??!! Ebola!! Are you kidding?!" My friend asked me again. 
As the only surgeon in the project and even in the whole region where I was I needed to be on call 24/7 all the time once I started working.
In extreme emergency situations, we may be able to set up additional wards using tents and simple resources within a day, but of course this does not mean that is what we do every single day being on the field, and at least not when I am current
When we talk about plastic surgery, many people may think of surgery for cosmetic purpose but out in the field there are many patients with wounds that are so big and without skin coverage.
It was a hot morning, emergency room was busy as usual. While all colleagues were fully occupied by patients, one more patient had arrived by stretcher.
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