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10th September. Day off. I had been in Darfur for nearly two weeks. A sacrifice to pay for working in surroundings with a security problem was to give up freedom. I spent practically the whole day inside the compound. The sun was nice.
7th September. The sky tonight was clear enough. The new moon was shining upon us and I was finally able to see the starry sky of Darfur.
I had been already one week in Darfur.
3rd September, my forth day in El Geneina, Darfur. In the afternoon, a rainstorm came. It lasted for at least half an hour. Some people sought shelter back in their rooms. I held fort on the veranda in the middle of the compound.
In Darfur, the day started early, with everyone getting up around 07:00. People were supposed to finish work at 16:00, but most of the expats worked in the office until the night began to set in.
31st August. My first day in Darfur. I was woken at 05:00 by the Islamic prayers coming from a mosque far away. This would become my daily wake-up call.
On 30th Aug, I revisited KRT International Airport for my flight to El Geneina.
Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has been working in Darfur since December 2003,with 180 international and 3,000 Sudanese staff operating in 32 locations across the region.
Stigmatization is more fearful than AIDS
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