In the aftermath of a harrowing war in his cherished homeland, Iraq, Dr. Rasheed Fakhri found himself at a crossroads. To stay or to flee.

Nyanhial, the 8-year-old girl from Sudan who had a fractured thigh bone resulting from a car accident, successfully undergone fixation surgery in the end of June.

Performing surgery on a newborn baby is always considered a high-risk procedure, regardless of the location.

I had never imagined that in South Sudan, a place so remote from where I’m from, I would encounter a patient from my own country.

Another bustling day in the operating theatre concluded with a bone fracture fixation surgery for an eight-year-old girl. Upon her admission to the emergency room, we performed an initial consultation and physical examination.

After enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, I returned to work at the MSF Hospital in Bentiu, South Sudan, three years later.

Dr Ryan Ko, a Hong Kong surgeon with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), has worked in 15 missions in nine countries.

Dr. Shannon Chan’s first mission was to South Sudan in 2016 and in late 2019, she set off on her second mission to Mocha in Yemen, where she worked as a trauma surgeon and trainer to na

Dr. Jennifer Tong
Orthopaedic surgeon
Hong Kong
Dr. Jennifer Tong
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hong Kong
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