Leorne RAYMOND, victim of the January earthquake. She has broken her left thigh bone, left leg bones and a broken right ankle. She was put on tibial traction for the treatment of her femoral fracture, an external fixator for her leg fracture.
We have a 26 year old man coming in with an infected swollen right leg and having a fever. He is a victim of the earthquake with the last 2 toes amputated.
In a poor country, anything unfortunate can happen. We had a 15% burn adult patient died today due to septicaemia. His condition is not that bad and had skin graft done already.
After 33+ hours of travel, I arrived Port au Prince, Haiti on 3 June. From the airport to our project site, I can still see a lot of aftermaths from the earthquake four months ago.
We have moved to a newly open hospital, which is solely run by MSF. It’s a new centre for post-operative care in the Sarthe area of Port-au-Prince.
Just would like to share more about the aftershocks. Last night there was aftershock again. The pregnant women escaped from the wards again. And there was ONE DELIVER DURING THE RUNNING!!!
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