It's 6am in Sunday morning of Port Harcourt. It's easier to connect the internet. I have to go back to hospital but can start later today.
I came to Teme Hospital , Port Harcourt on Wed (18th) morning and started working after a short briefing and hospital tour.
I've finished the briefing in MSF France office and will depart for Abuja, Nigeria this morning. I'll stay in Abuja tonight, then fly to Port Harcourt on Wednesday.
Ignorance and poor education sometimes bring tragedy.
We have an easy morning on Friday in our operating theatre but when we set off for lunch, there’s a pregnant lady bleeding severely while she’s in labour.
Today there’s a 14 year old girl coming in our hospital with a gangrenous left hand and forearm. Actually she fell and got her bone broken above her left elbow 2 months ago.
When you are working 24/7, one always tries to get a bit of rest on Saturday afternoon and Sunday but things are not always happening in your way.
Going to south Sudan is never easy, it’s even worse when you only get 2 days’ notice. I needed to stay in Nairobi, Kenya waiting for a special travel permit for South Sudan for 4 days before departing to Juba, where I stayed 2 more nights.
Time flies, it is near the end of mission without much notice.
Today we admitted a 11 years girl, she had an accident with her right foot being jammed on a stone then fell on to ground, that caused a twist-fall injury and her leg bone was broken & probed out of her skin.
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