Our project is the only project with surgical facility in the east part of South Sudan, so nearby project will send patients to us that require surgical treatment. They may arrive in planes or on boats as we are right next to the river.
In less than three weeks here, I treated 3 babies surgically, not counting those I delivered through Caesarian section on their mothers. All of them less than a month old.
Life is hard in South Sudan. Hot climate, no rain for a large part of the year makes agriculture difficult. Lack of clean water and proper sanitation makes poor health condition. Lack of education makes slow progress in the community.
Since 2008, it's the third time I'm on the continent of Africa. Starting from Monrovia of Liberia, then Aweil in South Sudan, and now Nasir of South Sudan.
It’s my last week in Teme Hospital, still full of surprise and excitement.
It was an exciting Monday morning. Unfortunately, the final outcome was very disappointed.
It’s another busy week. But the tiredness was driven by the excitement of last two days.
I have performed my seventh laparotomy case in Teme in this morning. It’s another case of gun shot wound at the back, on right side of spine. The bullet stayed at left side of abdominal wall, just beneath the skin.
It’s the fourth time in this week I was called back to hospital for emergency operation. Luckily, it was 8 o’clock on Sunday morning after my early morning run ( 37 minutes for 5 laps ) and breakfast.
It has been crazily busy in last three days. I had to return and perform emergency operations in two consecutive nights.
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