On 28 November 2013, the plane landed in Donetsk International Airport on a chilly autumn night.
© Rachel CHEE
Typhoon Haiyan, MSF and Myself
I am in the bush, somewhere in South Sudan; Typhoon Haiyan was in Philippines.
© Rachel CHEE
There are lots of PUSHING going on in here. 
From the mother in maternity ward, to the logistician in the muddy road.
We are here to push
Photo source: Rachel CHEE
- 5 minutes walking distance to Diamond Hill MTR station or Canary Wharf Underground station or 2.5 hrs train journey to Gare du Nord Metro station. 
- Shoppi
 “I don’t know what I can give to MSF.  But I know what I can give up for MSF.”
Trust me.
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